Partner with us to grow your business

We at Kingsman Wealth Management help people achieve their financial goals and fulfil their life dreams. Through our partnership we help people achieve their life goals by making them entrepreneurs and start their own financial business. Our partnership is an opportunity to start your own financial business and start catering to banking as well as stock market customers by selling Kingsman Wealth Management financial products.

We help our partners with great financial products, world class financial services, full support of our team of experts and a great technology enabled app which makes their business life easier.

Why Partner with US?

  • Strong Relationships & Risk Management
  • Advisory & Franchise Desk
  • Research based products
  • Next Gen Technology enabled banking and trading apps
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Training Support

Who can be Partners?

  • Insurance Agents
  • Loan consultants
  • Stock Market Traders/Sub Brokers
  • Mutual Fund consultant