Financial Planning

All your goals like expensive car, marriage, child education, foreign trip, overseas education, a new house, etc will need some kind of financial planning. We understand all of us are at different stage of life with varied income and expenses. We at Kingsman Wealth Management, give you a customized financial plan that suits your current situation and prepares you for future goals. You can decide your ultimate goal and start taking small steps with us to reach that goal smoothly.

Liability Planning

Life is unpredictable and so is our professional life. We can be prepared for known events in life but we all deal with unknown and unwanted liabilities. These liabilities can be a sudden medical expense that is not covered by mediclaim or an expense that is beyond the limit of expense, a sudden job loss, or huge losses in your investment.  Our team of investment advisors work on a liability plan which is purely suitable to your current situation, the impact of liability and other options available with you. We go to the extent of suggesting you for certain lifestyle changes for time being till the time you combat the sudden liability you are dealing with. It is always taking care of the weakest time so that we can come out of it victorious.

Retirement Planning

With majority of us working in a dynamic private sector, we are never sure of our retirement. The way things are growing, the best time for your retirement planning is from the day you start earning. The second best time for it is when you realized. We work towards the goal of taking care of all your needs during your retirement. We calculate your age, income capacity, probable expenditure during your retirement days; we prepare you according to that and give you your kind of retirement plan in which you start investing from now.

Tax Planning

Our team of CAs make sure that you are saving all your taxes that can be saved. However, we believe in the philosophy that financial planning should not be around tax planning. Tax planning can be the part of it but should not be the only goal of financial planning. We do help you achieve your financial goal and tax planning is just a byproduct of our comprehensive financial planning.

Complete financial health checkup

Kingsman Wealth management provides a complete financial health checkup and which is free. Under financial health checkup, which we analyze your investments, your liabilities, your income and expenses and suggest you whether you are financially healthy person or you need some help to improve your financial health.