Stock Market, PMS and Mutual Funds

We work only for one goal, to give highest possible return on investment to our customers. Whether you invest with us through stocks, mutual funds or PMS, we work to give you maximum return on your investment.

We also be very transparent to you and don’t charge anything that is not known to you. Our past records speak for itself and our DNA is as such that it will continue to give you returns.

Fixed Deposits

According to your need, we have a wide range of term deposits. These deposits have different range of maturity period and higher rates of interest. Your money grows much higher than the inflation and is not subject to any market risks Members can benefit from a wide range of deposit products with maturities from 12 to 60 months at competitive rates of interest and various facilities to accommodate their investment needs.

Recurring Deposits

If you believe in the philosophy of small steps lead to bigger journey then recurring deposit is for you. You can start saving small but regular with us and can get higher returns over a period of time. You can start your recurring deposit account with us with minimum amount of Rs 500 and above every month for a specific period of time and get your money with returns at the end of that period.